Lynn Scalia The Superintendent for Monforton School, Ryan Springer Foundation President, And 2 trustees Kelly Ripley and Erin Cooper were in talking about the need for help with supporting the school tax levy. Hear the plea here.

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Here is the text of the levy information:


2012 Monforton School Election

“Growing Together”


What is the purpose of the Monforton levy election?

The Monforton School District is asking voters to support two levy requests:

  1. $61,500 in the General Fund to finance teaching staff, and
  2. $60,000 for one-year-only in the Building Reserve to plan for the next phase of growth of the school.


The levy solves existing problems and achieves the following goals:

Growth in Enrollment. Monforton School is growing at a rate of 6%-8% each year due to the number of young families in the Four Corners area.  There is a current enrollment of 254 students.  Schools are funded based on prior year enrollment.  We have needs for both teachers and instructional assistants in both the elementary and middle school grades.Monforton faces a shortfall of approximately $120,000.  The District is asking voters to assist with half of that shortfall - $61,500, in order to not overly burden voters.
Facility Needs. Monforton needs to plan for two classrooms per grade level.  Currently, there are two classes in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades.  There is a need to split additional classes in order to meet accreditation requirements.Monforton is asking voters to fund for one year activities needed to plan for the next phase of building growth - $60,000.

I don’t know much about Monforton.  Is it part of the Bozeman School District?  What’s the history of this project?

The Monforton School District is located in the Four Corners area and includes an area approximately 4 miles north to south and 3 miles east to west.  It was established in 1883.  It is a K-8 independent elementary district.  When students graduate from Monforton, they enter Bozeman High School.  Monforton will end the 2011-2012 school year with over 255 students.   Over 1300 homes in the Monforton School District have been platted, recently built or are in some stage of development.  In an impact fee study done in 2007, it was estimated that the school would grow by 14 students each year.  We are growing by 14-18 per year.  Our largest enrollments are in the younger grades.






2015 Projected


2020 Projected



Monforton School District has three major facilities; an 1888 structure (the south building),  the north building, built in 1970 and 1977, with a 1992 and a 2012 addition, and a 2000 bus barn facility.


What will the levy cost me?

To find your tax impact, go to:

or call Monforton Business Manager, Kris Ortmeier at 586-1557


A home selling for $250,000 has a taxable market value of approximately $112,000.  The tax impact would be about $19 for the general fund and about $18 for one-year-only for the building reserve levy.


If I am considered an inactive voter, can I still vote?

Yes, come to the school election on May 8th and you will update your registration with a current identification and still get to vote.


If I rent in the school district and don’t own a home, can I still vote?

Yes, you are an American citizen, you have the right to vote.


Where do I vote?

At Monforton School on Tuesday, May 8th from 12:00 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Explain how government is funded differently from school.

How much taxes go to Monforton



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