Over the weekend, Valley Christian High School Basketball player Cameron Ireland stepped into the Montana record books with the most three-pointers ever made in a single game. Ireland broke a record held since 2006 and his coach, Aaron Hill, says he still has lots of time to beat the record again.

"Cameron Ireland had a night where the ball just kept going in the hoop," Hill said. "He hit 12 three's which is the Montana record for one game. He's not even a senior. He's not even a sophomore! He's a young kid, a 14-year-old freshman, and he's got a lot of years to continue shooting the ball."

Hill knew Cameron was closing in on the record, but chose not to tell him until after the game.

"Oh he was definitely excited and he thought it was pretty neat," Hill said. "He had no idea. He was just out there playing ball and shooting. I guess when you make that many, it's hard to keep track in your mind. A lot of times kids keep track of how manythey're making just mentally, but at that point he had no idea he was anywhere near the record."

Hill’s team scored a total of 17 three pointers during the match-up against Two-Eagle River on Saturday, which according to the Montana High School Sports Association, also put the team in the record books for the second most three pointers in a single game.