There's a conspiracy theory for everything, even one of Michael Jordan's greatest games. The legend goes that Jordan was terribly ill because of the flu when he scored 38 points to lead the Chicago Bulls past the Jazz in Utah in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. In his new book, Jordan's trainer Tim Grover says Jordan didn't have the flu, but he was poisoned by evil Utah pizza delivery men.

"100 percent," Grover said. "He was poisoned for the 'flu game.' Everyone called it a flu game, but we sat there. We were in the room...Five guys came to deliver this pizza.

I take the pizza and I tell them: "I've got a bad feeling about this. ... I've just got a bad feeling about this."

Who tells a pizza delivery service in a road city that they are requesting a pizza for Michael Jordan? Grover is lucky just five guys showed up and not the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Pundits have debated for years whether or not Jordan was ill or just hungover or acting to gain an advantage in the game, but this is the first time anyone has suggested that His Airness was poisoned. And in Park City, Utah? Maybe an errant snowball at Jordan would make sense, but poisoning one of the greatest basketball players of all time seems out of character for that region. If this were in Detroit, New York or Philadelphia however, we wouldn't question it.

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