The controversial medical marijuana law that went into effect after being passed in 2004 by Montana voters is facing it's toughest challenge so far. A plan to repeal the law looks like it is on the way to passage by the Montana state House.

HELENA — A plan to repeal the state's medical marijuana law appears headed for easy approval in the state House.

The plan being pitched by House Speaker Mike Milburn would repeal the ballot initiative overwhelmingly adopted by voters in 2004. Supporters of repeal argue the industry has gone far beyond what voters envisioned.

The Cascade Republican's bill easily cleared a House committee Friday on a party line vote.

Minority Democrats argue the Legislature should move forward a plan to fix the law with more self-funded regulation and stringent requirements for registering as a patient. They argue an outright appeal should be left to voters.

Republicans hold a 68-32 majority in the House. Any measure that clears that chamber would have to go to the Montana Senate and then the governor's desk.

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