I expected Ambassador Michael McFaul, the Montana native who was former President Obama's ambassador to Russia, to have some harsh words for President Donald Trump.

What I didn't expect was this:

McFaul: I actually think the Trump Administration's policy toward Russia is good, and in many ways it is better than the Obama Administration. And I am saying that as a former Obama Administration official. They provided lethal assistance to the Ukrainians for example.

McFaul was responding to my question about Russian actions in Crimea, the Ukraine, election meddling, and the sheltering of NSA leaker Edward Snowden, not to mention the harassment of then-Ambassador McFaul himself by the Russians. "I just feel like there is this newfound anger from folks about Russia- they're trying to hold Donald Trump to account for things that they would not hold Barack Obama to account for."

Of course, McFaul went on to credit "the Trump administration" and not Trump himself.

Listen to the full audio (which got cut drastically short by the way) below:

With additional reporting from John Knisely in Billings, Montana. 



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