Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) travelled within just miles of the Ukrainian border during a recent bipartisan Congressional Delegation trip to Poland and Germany. He also was able to meet with Montana soldiers during the visit.

Senator Daines: We actually got within two miles of the Ukrainian border. We were in Poland, which has a refugee processing center right there on the border with Ukraine- got to see firsthand the humanitarian crisis. These refugees pour across borders. It's heart wrenching when you see these moms pushing strollers, these moms with kids in hand, these little kids with their little stuffed animals. You see grandmothers who have their crutches. It was something that you say, thank God we live in America and we're free.

It was one month ago today when Russia invaded Ukraine. Daines describes it as Europe's 9/11. He says European leaders need to reinvest in security and military strength.

Senator Daines: You go back to Ronald Reagan, it was peace through strength. Weakness invokes war, and we've seen that with Joe Biden, we've seen that with the Left. We've seen that with Europe. When tyrants sense weakness, they move, they act, they invade, and we've got these Lefties who think all we need are Nerf guns and wrist rockets to defend our borders. It's craziness.


We also got his take on the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Joe Biden's nominee. Notably, how Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson said she couldn't give the definition of a woman because she's "not a biologist." Daines likened it to elk hunting in Montana. Try telling the game warden after you shot the elk that you couldn't tell the difference between a cow and a bull because you're "not a biologist."

Here's the full audio of our chat with Senator Daines:

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