As some states begin to loosen restrictions and restaurants begin reopening for dine-in customers in some areas of the country, McDonald's has outlined what their restaurants will look like the next time you're able to walk into one.

CNN reports that the fast food chain will be taking many precautions to protect both their customers and employees, which they laid out in a 59-page manual sent out to all of their franchisees.

Social distancing won't be going away any time soon, and McDonald's will be helping with that by placing stickers six feet apart on the floor of every restaurant so that customers know where to stand. Restaurants will also be closing off or removing some seating areas to avoid crowding and encourage social distancing.

Courtesy of McDonald's USA

Another change laid out in the plan is the requirement to clean and sanitize all restrooms and tables every 30 minutes. (Personally, I've always found McDonald's restrooms to be pretty clean, but now they'll be even cleaner.)

Gone are the days of being able to refill your own soft drink at McD's, as the plan also includes shutting down all self-serve beverage bars. (Teenage boys everywhere are now collectively bummed that they can't combine several flavors into one cup and then exclaim that it's, "The best flavor ever, man!")

Screens on touchscreen ordering kiosks will also be cleaned after every use, or removed from restaurants entirely.

And sad news for the kids, CNN reports that PlayPlaces at all locations must remain closed. (Though your kids will likely still ask you if they can play in it at least 25 times per visit.)

As far as employees, they will be required to wash their hands every hour. In addition, all employees will be required to wear a face mask or face covering of some sort while working, and anyone who handles food or service must wear gloves.

Courtesy of McDonald's USA
Courtesy of McDonald's USA

Additional safety precautions such as Plexiglas barriers at counters and drive-thrus will also be installed.

CNN adds that the guide also lays out suggestions for employees on how to handle people who ask them why they have reopened dining rooms, or who are not maintaining social distancing.

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