You’ve probably noticed that more and more fast food restaurants are staying open into the wee hours of the morning or not closing at all. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, this is because McDonald’s and the like are now seeing some of their best profits between midnight and five AM.

The Journal attributes the late-night artery-killing, uh, killing that fast food joints are pulling in to more and more Americans working late shifts. But we have a suspension that alcohol – and the questionable and often excessive food choices that go along with an all-night bender — is what’s really making the “fourth meal” time slot such a profitable one.

Come to think of it, the whole drunken-bender thing might just be the best way to stimulate all of the economy and get the nation out of its financial slump. So the next time you get wasted, why not hit a Best Buy? Sure, you might end up with a Blu-ray copy of ‘Marmaduke,’ but you’ll be helping the nation through tough economic times.



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