KUTV in Houston ran an article about a group of realtors there who are no longer going to use the word "Master" when describing the largest bedroom or bathroom when they are advertising their properties. They will now be called "Primary." At least, the ones advertised by a group called "Houston Association Of Realtors" or "HAR."

The word "butthurt" comes to mind. I never, ever thought that word to have negative connotations. Mastercard might be in trouble. Same with Bass Masters, along with all of you who worked hard to rise to the top of your college class and receive your, gulp, Masters Degree.

There's a big golf tournament in Georgia every year in April. Very hard to get tickets for. The Masters. It's been moved back to November. I wonder what we will call it by the time we get to it.

You folks who are really good at building things will no longer be Master Craftsmen.

No more master keys for hotel rooms, no more securing your item with products from Master Lock. That old game show "Master Minds" will no longer be shown. I will no longer to be allowed to serve as "Master of Ceremonies" at Cat Country events. Rapper Master P is gonna have to find a new name. We will no longer be able to stick to a Master Plan. Military members will no longer be promoted to Master Sergeant, and on and on and on.

Can't we just not get our feelings hurt over words that were never intended to hurt us.

According to Google, the bible has 42 verses containing "Master."

And finally, Zamfir will no longer be known as the "Master of The Pan Flute."

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