2020 had been a year full of ups and downs.

And as it draws to a close I can't help but feel that it would be amazing if we could end it on a positive note.

Thankfully, I came across a video of a man rescuing a deer from a frozen pond that I can confidently say will fill you with positivity and joy for the year ahead.

Gil Lancour lives in Wisconsin and saw this deer laying in the middle of a frozen Marsh area he passes on his daily commute.

According to information in this article, he got out and approached the clearly exhausted deer, and after remaining nearby for a bit to let the deer know he was safe, Lancour began to slowly push it across the ice to safety.

You can tell how much hard work pushing this 90-pound deer across the ice is, but Lancour refuses to give up.

He even softly apologized to the deer when he had to push it across a raged spot in the ice.

The end of the video is the best part.

The deer finally finds her footing and prances off into the woods without even a backward glance.

Lancour's dry "You're welcome." holds just enough sarcasm AND politeness to make it the perfect ending to the video.

In an interview, Lancour was asked why he took the time to stop and help the deer he said, "She was struggling and I knew she needed help to get off the ice, I didn’t even think twice about it."

And that right there is the lesson we all need to take with us into 2021.

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