Montana is full of people that love their pets, but sometimes the affection goes too far. You should be careful if you let your pets ride in the passenger seat of your vehicle.

Dog travel by car. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever enjoying road trip.

When I was driving home from work the other day, I saw someone in their pickup truck with an adorable labrador retriever riding in the passenger seat. As a pet owner myself, I let my dogs right up front almost every time I take them somewhere.

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Is Letting Your Pet Ride Up Front Illegal in Montana?

Letting your furry friend ride up front may not be illegal in Montana, but it can be dangerous. Some states actually require pets to be restrained while they're inside a vehicle, but Montana isn't one of them.

The Montana Veterinary Hospital is warning pet owners that letting their pet ride in the front seat could be making a fatal mistake.

Do not put animals in the front passenger seat of your vehicle. If the airbag deploys then there is a chance that your pet could be seriously injured.


Letting your pet roam freely around your vehicle is also discouraged. It's not only distracting to the driver but your pet could also get injured if you're in an accident. Leaving your pet alone in a vehicle, especially when it's hot is also a really bad idea. To read more about safety tips for traveling with your pet, click here.

If you have a pet and feel comfortable letting it ride in the front seat, you're not breaking any laws, but you could be putting your pet's life in danger.

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