Bozeman is having a love/hate relationship with my radio show. Some people are demanding that because I wasn't born in Montana, I have no right to be here. With the help of the KMMS AM operations manager who sometimes has to work me off the ledge, I really know local news, national news, humor and a pushy Italian ex-New Yorker can make a good morning show. The fact that a listener called me an Italian "WOP" last week, which is kind of like calling a black person the "N" word, I tried to stay strong.

Finally, last week a voicemail from someone who likes the new show and then this email:

Hello Dominick and Welcome to Montana,

I have recently returned to listening to KMMS am. The previous radio liberal, Chris completely turned me and my husband off. However, you are breath of fresh air!
I even listen to you on the app while walking my dog. In the past that has been something I reserved for Rush

I enjoy your wit ( your poking fun of Rob Quist singing just busted us both up laughing). I also enjoy you talking about the local happenings no matter how sensitive they may seem. We do not subscribe to the " Bozeman Comical" but appreciate you talking about these important events we would probably not hear of otherwise.
Your fearless, yet sensitive approach to the "Transgender" topic last week was very thought provoking.
From "Frank Sinatra", "Jimmy Durante" to " Frozen" the music is uplifting and some takes me back to younger days.  Thank you!

I wish you much success. Keep doing what you are doing. You are ENTERTAINING!!!
We are lucky to have you here in Bozeman.
Catch you tomorrow,

PS. I am spreading the word about Dominick

Wow, maybe some people are "getting it." I wanted to forward the letter to my Mom & Dad, but they are dead. So, as I say on the air... the people who listen to Dominick In The Morning are like my friends, my new family... I wanted to share this and tell you I got sort of chocked up.

Okay, back to being hated by some. But Kathy made my week.



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