Doing talk radio, sometimes you forget that people are listening and sharing your life on the air can affect them. Here is an email I got from one listener:

Dominick, I had to contact you because you said something yesterday that affected me. I will try to keep this short. I am a retired old guy that lives out the valley a few miles from Bozeman. I have been on a diet for several months and doing good sticking by it. Then yesterday you started talking about the Pork Belly sandwich at Arby's. I had to do a few things in Bozeman in the afternoon. After I got my errands done, I lost control  and drove to the Arby's on 7th.. I went through the drive thru and got one. Oh my God was that good! Then I decided that I wanted another one. No, skip that. I decided that I HAD  to have another one. But it would have been embarrassing to go through the drive thru again so soon. Being a smart old guy, I remembered that we have two Arby's in Bozeman. So I drove to the Arby's on West Main and got another one at that drive thru. My diet went to hell because of you! I do enjoy your show. You make me laugh.



( please do not use my name on air!)

Now Arby's doesn't give me a penny. I pay full price for my pork belly sandwiches, but it's really cool to know I can share things with the "Dominick in the Morning" family. Yeah, I think of people who listen to my show as a friend or family member.

My show is new to Bozeman and at first I was getting some people complaining. Some demanding I be fired because only someone from Montana could do a show people from Montana will listen to. Yeah, I act like it doesn't bother me, but it does. I love Montana and chose to move here. So when I got this email talking about how I made a listener  try a pork belly sandwich and that he enjoys the show and then to have him say, "You make me laugh." I smiled.

It only makes me work harder. Thanks Montana, for sticking with me.



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