The Lake County Sheriff's Office is investigating the report of a helicopter crash that occurred on Saturday afternoon at about 2:30 p.m.near Yellow Bay.

Sheriff Don Bell said the helicopter was hired by a local orchard to dry out cherries from the recent heavy rains.

"When sheriff's deputies responded with fire and ambulance crews, they found a commercial helicopter that had been occupied by only one person, the pilot, and he was uninjured," Bell said. "I talked to the pilot who said he struck one of the power lines and he said he was out of control for only a few seconds, regained control and did an emergency landing."

Bell said the aircraft landed safely next to the orchard where it was working.

"The pilot said he was hovering over the orchard, pushing the water off the cherries so they wouldn't split once the sun came out. He did also strike a metal fence post when he landed. The pilot said he damaged the props, and he believes also to the engine and transmission, and they were dismantling it so that it could be removed."

Bell said there were no injuries reported. The power company was there, but Bell said there were no power service interruptions due to the incident.

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