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The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are melting! Err...not so fast.

As we first told you on our Montana Talks radio show last Summer, officials at Glacier National Park were removing signs warning that the glaciers would be gone by 2020 due to climate change. Why? Well, because 2020 was quickly approaching, and unlike their climate predictors predicted...the glaciers weren't going to be gone by 2020. The Daily Caller had the story last July and it was ignored by many in the mainstream media.

As it turns out, higher-than-average snowfall in recent years upended computer model projections from the early 2000s that NPS based its claim glaciers “will all be gone by the year 2020,” federal officials said.

Lo and behold it's now 2020, and hats of to KPAX-TV in Missoula for getting confirmation from the National Park Service that the signs are indeed coming down:

The sign at St. Mary’s Visitor Center was removed in May of 2019 and other signs will be removed around the park as budgets permit.

If you missed it, former Daily Inter Lake editor Frank Miele weighed in on this topic last Summer also. Here's part of what he had to say on his Heartland Diary USA blog:

The panicked terror of eco-freaks that they won’t be able to hike on a glacier in the park because of global warming has never concerned me as much as the possibility of returning to the Pleistocene ice age when this part of Montana was under a couple thousand feet of ice. The Pleistocene ended a mere 12,000 years ago, unless you believe — as many scientists do — that it didn’t end at all, but just entered a warm period that could end any day. In either case, today’s glaciers are pikers in comparison, dating back just 7,000 years and in fact shrinking in size not since Al Gore discovered them, but rather since the end of the Little Ice Age in the mid-1800s.

***Update: Since my post was published, CNN now has a news story on this also.

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