A Ravalli County man accused of kidnapping, brutally raping and injecting a young girl with methamphetamine over several days in February, could possibly face the death penalty.

Byron Craig Hall, 32, was arraigned in Ravalli County District Court on Wednesday on charges of aggravated kidnapping, rape, aggravated assault and child criminal endangerment. Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fulbright told KGVO News that the aggravated kidnapping charge could carry the maximum penalty.

"One of the crimes he is accused of is aggravated kidnapping, which is punishable by a maximum possible penalty of either death, life in prison or up to 100 years, with a minimum of two years," Fulbright said. "We actually have 60 days from today to make a decision as to whether or not we will seek the death penalty in this case. At the time of arraignment he has to have a notice of the possible maximum penalty."

Fulbright said the investigation into the Hall case is ongoing, and his next court appearance will be an omnibus hearing on March 25.

"We have an obligation to file that notice within 60 days, if we're going down that road," Fulbright said.

On Wednesday night, February 11, Ravalli County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a home in Stevensville for a charge of sexual assault.

After further investigation, it was determined that a 17 year-old female, the mother of an eight month-old child, had been forcibly injected with methamphetamine and repeatedly raped over the course of several days at her residence.