In July of 2015 Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, 45, an illegal immigrant that has been deported multiple times, was accused of shooting Kate Stenile, 32, in the back as she and her father walked along Pier 14 in San Francisco.

Zarate claimed he found the Sig Sauer .40-caliber handgun that he fired and a ricochet off the cement hit and killed Steinle.

The gun in question had been stolen from a BLM Ranger’s car four days earlier while it was parked not far from the pier.

A jury found Zarate not guilty of murder. He was found guilty of felony possession of a firearm.

Was Justice Done?

Many people will say no. Once again the system failed when the facts are so clear. Or are they?

This guy had the gun this guy fired the fatal shot. If it were accidental it would seem there should be some penalty because you have a dead woman.

I was not in the courtroom and did not hear one shred of evidence or testimony. So I have to defer to the jury of his peers.

Were they a jury of his peers? I think you have to be a US citizen to serve on a jury. Perhaps there’s a different standard in San Francisco.

What Does This Verdict Prove?

It proves that someone without money or connections can get a fair and impartial trial in America.

I doubt we’ll see riots or looting in downtown San Francisco as a result of this verdict. The Hispanic community should have a renewed faith in the system they demonstrate so vehemently against.

Perhaps it’s just a California thing. Many people feel O.J. Simpson was guilty of murder. A jury said no.

Evidence and testimony are the only tools that a juror has to determine reasonable doubt. And our system while you make think it’s imperfect at times works.

Some Final Thoughts

A good case could be made that this person should not have been in the United States at all. Especially since he’d been deported multiple times.

More than likely this will renew the sanctuary city movement and more calls for the wall on our southern border.

The downside is that many Hispanics will bear the brunt of those who want to blame illegals for the ills of society.

The Stenile family will have as hard a time getting past this trial as the Goldman family is with the O.J. trial.

Was justice done? You be the judge.

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