This Friday on Dominick In The Morning, Alicia Thompson, the Director of Marketing
at the Museum of the Rockies will tell us about a new exhibit called - Julius Caesar: Military Genius & Mighty Machines which is opening Saturday.

They say If we traveled back in time to visit Ancient Rome, we would be very surprised to see how many aspects of our society resemble those of 2,000 years ago. Some say we will learn that we have inherited from this great empire many of the objects, concepts, technologies and machines that are part of our contemporary life.

Julius Caesar: Military Genius & Mighty Machines was born from the desire to recreate this fascinating period of history, as realistically as possible, so we could explore and experience the mighty machines, gadgets and clever technologies of the Roman Empire.

All Roads Lead to Rome: The Romans understood physics and excelled at controlling natural resources like the aqueduct. They used the abacus to manage their finances. To communicate with and better control their multi-ethnic populations in such a vast empire, they adopted a sophisticated strategy of images, which we now refer to as public relations or even “Spin.”

So Journey 2000 years in the past and enjoy Museum of the Rockies Julius Caesar: Military Genius & Mighty Machines


'Death of Caesar' by Vincenzo Camuccini / Wikimedia Commons