Montana Primary ballots are finalized and Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch has the names of all of the presidential candidates that will be up for a vote.
"Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and that's all," said McCulloch.
Some of the names on the list may sound out of place, because the candidates have already dropped out of the race. Getting off the ballot requires some paperwork, that apparently never happened.
"We contacted the Jeb Bush campaign several times about withdrawing and they never did it so he will still be on the ballot," McCulloch said.
Marco Rubio will also be on the ballot despite suspending his campaign. Some big names in this year’s campaign, like Ben Carson and Martin O’Malley will not be on Montana’s Primary ballots… because they never filled out the paperwork to be included in the first place.

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