Not to point fingers, but with president Barack Obama’s number of days left in office gradually ticking down, it’s starting to look like he may just be using the powers of the position to meet all the cool famous people he can before his time’s up. Think about it: under the guise of a roundtable on urban opportunity and racial injustice, Obama summoned a star-studded lineup of hip-hop’s finest to the White House including Chance the Rapper, Pusha T, Rick Ross, Janelle Monáe, Nicki Minaj, Common, and Ludacris, among others just a couple weeks ago. I can speak only for myself, but if I was elected President, that’s the first thing I would do.

President Obama continued his Meeting Cool Famous People World Tour this past weekend during a brief visit to London, where he toured Shakespeare’s historic Globe Theater in commemoration of the seminal playwright’s 400th birthday. More importantly, however, he also sat down with Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling as part of an event at his residency along with other comparably notable Brits, the Hollywood Reporter notes. (Also present at this dinner was current Prime Minister David Cameron.) We‘re only left to imagine what the leader of the free world might have discussed with the leader of the Wizarding World, but one may safely assume he needled her for spoilers on the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and debated his Hogwarts house placement on Pottermore. (“The site said I was a Hufflepuff, and that’s patently false. The American people don’t elect Hufflepuffs, Jo. They elect Gryffindors.”)

This doesn‘t mark the first meeting of the minds between Rowling and Obama, with the president having already made her acquaintance during a visit in 2011 for a banquet celebrating Queen Elizabeth II. That’s just another perk of being one of the most powerful people on the face of the Earth: you get to meet Barack Obama.

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