Montana's Western District Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT01) was Trump's Secretary of the Interior. Chad Wolf was Trump's acting Secretary of Homeland Security. And Matt Whitaker was the acting Attorney General under President Trump.

All three helped secure our borders and strengthen America's defenses. All three will soon be hosting town hall meetings in Montana. The town halls will be taking place in the Flathead and in the Gallatin Valley. TEXT MONTANA TO 70107 if you would like to participate.

I caught up with Secretary Wolf recently on our statewide radio talk show- Montana Talks. Wolf said the solutions to fixing our Southern Border, which is driving the fentanyl and meth trafficking in Montana, are not that hard to figure out.

Sec. Wolf: Let's not reinvent the wheel if we don't need to, let's go back to proven policies that work. And so we have a lot of them from the Trump administration. But you can even go back before then. This is- the Biden administration is the first administration in my lifetime that has not continued to improve border security one way or another.They have taken five to 10 steps backwards.

Full audio of our chat with Sec. Wolf:


Looks like Navy SEAL veteran and veteran entrepreneur Tim Sheehy, who recently announced a run for the US Senate, will also be in attendance at the town halls.

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