I want to get this info out sooner rather than later...cause we are really hoping to see all of our Northeast Montana friends at the KATQ Farm Expo this March. We'll be there broadcasting LIVE with our statewide radio show.

That's right, we will be LIVE with Montana Talks featuring Aaron Flint from Plentywood, Montana for the KATQ NE Montana Farm Expo. The Farm Expo starts on March 21st, and then we will broadcast LIVE the morning of Friday March 22nd, 2024. Full agenda is included below.

Please drop in and see us and say hi- and if you're up for it- jump on the mic.

Our friend Zach Robbins with Rove Exchange is one of the presenters who will be there as well.

In the photo above from our LIVE show back in 2019 are the late, great Jim Nielsen (he gave so much of his life to local sports fan on the radio) and Kaela Carpenter.


By the way, if you want to hear our chat from back in 2019 with Jim, Kaela, and other guests- click here. Or listen below.



Also, do you remember when I was LIVE on the radio and asked ChatGPT to write me a poem about Plentywood? This is what ChatGPT cranked out.

In Plentywood's embrace, fields stretch wide, Montana's beauty, in every stride. Golden plains under endless sky, Nature's canvas, reaching high.

Whispers of wind through prairie grass, In Plentywood, moments will amass. Small-town charm, community strong, Where echoes of history belong.

Pioneer spirit, resilient and true, Mountains in the distance, a majestic view. Plentywood, a gem in Montana's crown, A place where quiet moments abound.

It did pretty good, right? Although, when it says "mountains in the distance"...they are WAY off in the distance from Plentywood. But there really is something majestic about the "endless sky" in Plentywood and Northeast Montana. You feel like you're on the top of the world when you look out at the horizon.


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