This made my day. I thought it was absolutely hysterical. This lady on X (Twitter) said that I am "a privileged elite white dude sailing on what looks a lot like Caribbean waters." Um...does she not see the snow covered mountains in the background?

She added, "Always amazes me what white dudes from Montana consider 'privileged' that somehow isn't them despite all the massive privilege that came from growing up here."

I had to laugh and then reply. "That's Alaska. Incredible opportunity to Halibut fish with fellow veterans! (The mountains in the background MIGHT be a giveaway)"

@IsenbargerMolly had a hilarious response via X: "Served your country in the hell that is the Middle East, a place where this witch wouldn't survive one day, work your butt off day in and day out, but you're privileged. LMAO!!! I can't with these people." 

The reality is this: we are ALL privileged to be Americans, and especially for those of us that get to be Montanans. We owe this incredible privilege to those who fought and died for this country and built America into the great country she became.

I was "privileged" to stuff newspapers and make my own money as a kid. I was "privileged" to wash dishes, bus tables, and wait tables throughout high school. I was "priviliged" to serve alongside the best men and women this country has to offer in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. And to be fair, I have been very blessed- heck I got to go halibut fishing with veterans in Alaska. Then I got to fly with the US Navy's Blue Angels the summer after that.

It reminds me of the time someone called me a millionaire on social media. I wrote: I'm a millionaire? Sweet. Must've gotten a raise. I'm definitely upgrading my camper to a 5th wheel now.

I got a kick out of her calling me a millionaire because we all know that everyone who works in local radio and TV is a millionaire, right? But I also laughed because I remember stuffing newspapers in 4th grade to make my own money as a kid. I remember washing dishes and waiting tables in high school and college. I remember paying off my final student loan payment while I was serving in Afghanistan.


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