Navy SEAL and Montana GOP Senate candidate Tim Sheehy took a bullet for his men.

Then, he kept quiet about it- with the bullet still lodged in his arm- in order to protect the men serving alongside him. Donald Trump, Jr. weighs in, and the anti-Trumper attacking Sheehy gets "Loomered."

Post 9-11 veterans know exactly what's been happening for the past 20+ years.

Their every action placed under a microscope, their hands tied behind their backs, deployment after deployment after deployment. Meanwhile, DC politicians like Jon Tester have been living high on the hog, and lying to their constituents left and right.

They've also seen some of the higher ups throw those underneath them under the bus in order to advance their own careers. Tim Sheehy did the opposite: he looked out for his men first and foremost. (See Kurt Schlichter's must-read tweet below)

So what's the story here?

Based on everything I read so far, Tim Sheehy believed he was hit by a ricochet bullet in Afghanistan. The bullet was lodged in his arm. He was worried that his fellow SEALs would face a massive investigation if he reported the potential friendly fire incident, so he never reported it, nor sought treatment for the additional wound. (Remember: this is a guy who not only completed the SEALs BUD/S training...he graduated from the Army's Ranger School as well)

Later in 2015, he injured himself in Glacier National Park and was worried that he might have dislodged the bullet, so he checked into the hospital in Kalispell. When he told them of a previous gunshot wound, according to The Washington Post story, the hospital said they had to alert authorities (as they would for any report of a gunshot).

In order to protect his men who were still serving on Active Duty in 2015, Sheehy made up a story to a park ranger that his gun went off by accident and shot him in the arm in Glacier. (The gun in his vehicle in Glacier, per the Washington Post, was a Colt 45 by the way. Someone please explain how that wouldn't have practically torn his arm off)

Who would you rather have leading your sons and daughters- someone who would take a bullet for them, or someone who would knife them in the back like Tester is trying to do to Sheehy?

Tim Sheehy received a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for Valor- from a completely separate incident. He never received a purple heart, nor attempted to receive a Purple Heart, for the bullet that is still lodged in his arm from Afghanistan.

We all know what is happening here.

Liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) is desperate to get re-elected, and is scared to death of facing a Navy SEAL veteran on the ballot this Fall. Now, his dirty campaign operatives are desperately attacking Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy, who literally took a bullet for his men. Senator Tester should be ashamed.

Meanwhile, the fake news media here in Montana- that never did a story about Tester voting against the Laken Riley Act, or how he voted in support of illegal alien flights all across America, or how he voted in support of men in girls locker rooms- are already retweeting these poorly written hit pieces by the Washington Post and others.

Here's more from Donald Trump, Jr, Laura Loomer, Kurt Schlichter, and fellow Iraq/Afghan war veteran and US Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR). 




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