President Joe Biden is compromised when it comes to the Communist Chinese. That's what Montana's Attorney General had to say on Friday's Montana Talks statewide radio show.

Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT) also called out the liberal, George Soros-backed prosecutor that is persecuting former President Donald Trump in New York City.

On the Trump indictment:

Aaron Flint: I saw some comments you made earlier in the week, where you outright said it. You said that Joe Biden at this point, it is clear President Biden and his family have been compromised by the Chinese government. I want to get your thoughts on that. But first, when the news came out that President Trump will now be indicted. What was your reaction?

AG Knudsen: Well, I'm stunned. Truly. I mean, obviously Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, has been barking up this tree for a while. He's been trying to get a grand jury to indict for weeks now, and obviously he was having some trouble. I honestly thought he was going to make the right decision, as had the federal government, as had prior Districts Attorney. There's nothing here. This is a nothing burger. There's not grounds for criminal indictment here on President Trump. But this just seems to be full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes, and that they are bound and determined to make a martyr out of President Trump. It's absolutely stunning.

Is Biden compromised when it comes to the Communist Chinese?

Aaron Flint: You actually believe that President Biden and his family are compromised when it comes to the Communist Chinese.

AG Knudsen: I do. The Chinese Communist Party are very active. Their spying is unprecedented. They floated a spy balloon over Montana's largest nuclear missile base. And what did this administration do? Nothing. We're dealing with Tiktok spying on Montanans every single day collecting biometric data, collecting intel off of our phones, collecting personal data off of all your other applications on your phone. And what is this administration doing about it? Nothing. China is running around this world rattling it's sabers- claiming South China Sea. And what is the Biden administration doing? Nothing. Why is that? They've been receiving millions of dollars in payments from China for years now, and we have the smoking gun proof of it.

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