Given all of the news last week concerning Russia, nuclear weapons, and space- a few things stand out.

One, President Trump was right to create a Space Force. Two, we are sending too much money to other countries while weakening our own defenses and leaving our borders wide open for an invasion. Three, they mentioned Russa- but what about China?

I also had a Montana specific way of looking at this story. We have a lot of space here in Big Sky Country. We have a lot of folks in the high tech industry, especially in places like Bozeman. We also have a high percentage of patriots who love America. And, we are home to a massive portion of our nation's nuclear missile arsenal, which is about to undergo a major upgrade.

So why not create a Space Force here in the Montana National Guard?

First, they would have to authorize the creation of a Space Force in the National Guard at the national level. As Stars & Stripes reports in a new article from just 4 days ago, "a group of senators is again seeking to create a Space National Guard, arguing it would boost readiness and efficiency and retain talent."

The White House continues to voice strong opposition to a Space National Guard, contending it would create “new bureaucracy with far-reaching and enduring implications and expense.”

But of course the White House has no problem sending BILLIONS to other countries.

Here's what President Trump had to say about the Space Force in a recent interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures:

Pres. Trump: We rebuilt the military. We created Space Force, which is now turning out to be very essential. I said it's going to end up being maybe our most important force because it's all going out to space now if you look. We are now leading Russia and China, we were way behind when I came, we had no Space Force. People thought it was a joke when I created it. Now they're saying, wow- what a great job you did.

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