I had a tipster several days ago send me some photos of some bus passes allegedly found in downtown Billings. Were the bus passes proof that the federal government, or New York City, is shipping illegal aliens to Billings, Montana?

We started there on Tuesday morning as I caught up with Yellowstone County Commissioners John Ostlund and Mark Morse.

Commissioner Morse: We sent that over to the Sheriff's Office for investigation. The Sheriff's Office contacted the Border Patrol/Immigration. And, in essence, the government uses the bus lines because there is no identification required for anybody to ride the bus anywhere. Unlike if you want to get on a plane you got to show a passport, you got to show a driver's license, you have to show ID. And so this guy arrived at Billings, midnight, one o'clock in the morning.
Aaron Flint: So it's hard to confirm one way or the other on that.

Commissioner Morse later added:

We have no hard intelligence that says the federal government is doing this. Certainly they're not going to admit it. But you have a wide open Southern border. I think this bus ticket is pretty indicative. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, you can probably draw your own conclusion as to what it is.

We also talked about the need for more jail space in Billings and in Yellowstone County, especially given the dramatic rise in crime that has taken place due to the Mexican drug cartels and the drugs that are being trafficked into Montana.

Commissioner Ostlund: Our jail is full, there's no doubt about it. But I can tell you right now, and the Sheriff has emphasized it- said it over and over again. He's right. If you're a violent offender, if you're a threat to society, if you're arrested in Yellowstone County and need to go to jail, we're going to put you in jail.

Commissioner Morse says one of the Billings City Councilmembers threw out the idea for the City of Billings to start a new municipal jail to take care of the low hanging fruit when it comes to the crime problem in the area. Morse said they would love to partner with the city on something like that.

Here's the full audio of our wide-ranging conversation with both commissioners:

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