Streetlights! People! 

Have you guys ever heard this hilarious rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"- the on where Will Ferrell keeps interjecting in the middle of the song? It's included below if you've never seen it before.

We were talking about that clip this morning as I was chatting with john Jackson, the Joker from Twitter.

Here's why: we have two pairs of Journey concert tickets in Billlings, Montana to give away!   

Here's how you can win one of two sets of Journey concert tickets: download the "Montana Talks" app on your phone. Then- message us with your contact info and let us know you would like to win the Journey concert tickets.

I know we have listeners in Missoula, Bozeman, Plentywood and all across the state- but I also know many of you will travel for a show like this, even if it is on a school night.

What kind of karaoke night wouldn't be complete without a Journey song?

How did I first hear Journey? Well- I'm an 80s kid. Let's just say, Santa made sure to place a Journey's Greatest Hits cassette tape into my stocking one Christmas in Glasgow, Montana. Turns out my mom was a very big fan of Journey too. Great thinking Santa!

What are your favorite Journey hits? "Don't Stop Believin'"..."Who's Crying Now"..."Any Way you Want It"..."Faithfully"..."Wheel in the Sky"..."Any Way You Want It"..."Separate Ways"...something else?

I'll bet some of you can even tell us when and where you bought your first Journey album.




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