Well I guess at least they didn't use the "M" on Mount Sentinel to spell out Hamas...(sarcasm). Anti-Israel activists in Missoula, Montana defaced the "M" above Washington Grizzly Stadium during the middle of the Cat-Griz game on Saturday.

According to the "Kaimin", The University of Montana's school newspaper, thick fog blocked the view of the M until about 3:45 p.m. University staff tore down the display about an hour later.

Although the exact people who did it are unconfirmed, an Instagram page called “MT4Palestine” took credit for the act. It claims 15 people helped unroll 9000 square feet of butcher paper from the top of the M around noon

Here's a photo from The Kaimin:

The Kaimin also notes how Left-wing activists used the M sign to write “IMPEACH” and “F U TRUMP” when President Trump visited Missoula back in 2018. (But hey, civility and no mean tweets, right?) For those who've been tracking the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activity in the liberal hotbed of Missoula, last month
I reported on the disgusting anti-Israel protests that took place in Missoula

Just days after the worst attack on Jewish civilians since the Holocaust, and Missoula had out of state folks dressed like masked up Neo Nazis and Missoula Democrats protesting against Jews and Israel on the same day. Over 1,000 innocent people were slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists, entire Jewish families were gunned down in their homes.  

Why don't/why didn't these Left wing activists in Missoula hold rallies to condemn the terrorist actions of the Palestinian leadership in Gaza? 

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