Trying to get up to speed for another week?  How about some trivia from behind the scenes of favorite films?  What happened outside the view of the camera?

I found these and other pieces of movie trivia from the web article "25 Hilarious Pieces of Movie Trivia," by Mathieu Charlebois, Espresso Communication, 4-7-2021.

Here are the Questions.  Scroll down for the Answers

1. Long-time actor James Cromwell became a full vegan to this day, after working with a piglet in what 1995 film?

2. Because of the small budget, some street scenes in Midnight Cowboy were shot on real streets in 1969, with real pedestrians and real traffic. Who shouted “I’m walking here! I’m walking here!” in character, off script, when he was nearly run over by a taxi?

3. In The Dark Knight from 2008, one scene has the Joker burst into a fancy party. For one actor, that was the first time seeing Heath Ledger as the Joker. Who was the actor playing Alfred who was so terrified by Heath’s performance that he completely forgot his lines and stayed silent?

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4. For Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, director Alfonso Cuaron gave an essay assignment to the three main actors, from their character’s point of view. Emma Watson, in true Hermione fashion, submitted 16 pages. Of the other two, who wrote more than the other: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, or Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley?

5.  It was not CGI, nor special effect. Ron Perlman swore, she actually made the basket.  Who made a basketball shot, beyond the 3-point line, facing backwards without looking, one-handed? Nothing but net. In the 1997 science fiction horror Alien Resurrection?

6. William Shatner actually used his own mask for trick-or-treating. What horror character used a bad Captain Kirk mask, actually purchased for two dollars in a store?

7. The producers wanted to change the movie’s title to Pacific Air 121 so it sounded less like a B-movie. Samuel L. Jackson swore (I’ll bet he did) that the original title was the only reason he even signed on to the film. What is the title of this 2006 film?

8. Film productions use working titles to keep the project hush hush. Tom Hiddleston said that theirs reflected the feeling on set. For The Avengers in 2012, what was the working title? Backyard Misfits, or Group Hug?

9. One actor from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was scared of flying in a helicopter.  So he hiked two hours up steep hills to reach the set, in full costume. Who was this actor playing Boromir?

10. Katharine Hepburn was appalled by co-star Humphrey Bogart’s and director John Huston’s whisky drinking. She drank water. The two men were fine, while Hepburn suffered dysentery and had a bucket off camera for her to throw up. This happened on location for what 1951 classic film?

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The Answers

1.  Babe

2.  Dustin Hoffman

3.  Michael Caine

4.  Daniel Radcliffe wrote one page for Harry Potter.  Rupert Grint didn't write anything.

5.  Sigourney Weaver.  Good Reader, I highly recommend seeing the raw footage of this shot.  You can find it on YouTube, under "Alien Resurrection basketball shot."  There is some rough language, so fair warning.

6.  Michael Myers in Halloween

7.  Snakes on a Plane

8.  Group Hug

9.  Sean Bean

10. The African Queen

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