Driving through Montana, there are a lot of interesting places that are mere remnants of what they once were. You can see evidence of Montana's storied history in several places throughout the state.

Old Buildings in Northern Montana
YouTube/Chris Attrell/ Canva Pro

Some of the places are rumored to be haunted and crawling with paranormal activity. There are abandoned mines, grain silos, schools, and more scattered throughout Montana. You can even book tours to explore quite a few of them.

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Chris Attrell, a photographer based out of Shaunavon, in the Canadian providence of Saskatchewan recently visited northern Montana to explore some ghost towns and old interesting abandoned buildings. In total, Attrell visited 19 locations in Montana, most of them along Highway 2. Many towns in Montana that were considered prosperous at one time are slowly fading away.

A video that was shared on YouTube approximately three weeks ago has already been viewed over 300,000 times. The video features interesting abandoned buildings throughout northern Montana and also sheds a little light on the history behind them. Before you try to head out and explore them yourself, it's important to get permission first. Many of the buildings in the video are located on private property.

Dodson, Montana
YouTube/Chris Attrell/ Canva Pro

Exploring Abandoned Buildings and Ghost Towns in Montana

Small towns including Kevin, Joplin, Rudyard, and more were highlighted in the video. Many homes and buildings in several towns throughout Montana have windows that have been boarded up and have been left to whither away.

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With Halloween coming up soon, it's a great time to explore some of Montana's creepiest places. Chilling Paranormal Overnights is a good resource if you want to learn more about the most haunted locations in Montana.

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