Thinking about moving to Bozeman, but don't have over $1 million dollars to spend on a place to live? No worries! Believe it or not, there are still housing options for less than $400,000.

According to KBZK, the median price for a single-family home is $979,500. Unfortunately, purchasing a home at the price isn't realistic. However, if you don't mind living in a condominium, you still have quite a few options. It may not be traditional house, but it's still a roof over your head in one of the most beautiful places in the country.


We decided to do a little research to find out what you could buy for less than $400,000 in Bozeman. Starting at, we searched for homes in Bozeman, and set the max price at $400k. Most of the results were condominiums, and some were considerably nicer than others. There were also a few trailers and manufactured homes.

The demand for housing in Bozeman is at an all time high, and despite what you may have heard, there are still people that live and work in Bozeman that aren't millionaires. One of the nicest places we found was listed at $389,000. It's 2 beds, 2 baths, and slightly over 1,000 sqft. It's located at 4645 Bembrick St Unit 2A in Valley West, between Bozeman and Four Corners.

4645 Bembrick St Unit 2A
Big Sky MLS / Listing Agent: Lori Hart

The next of the list is located near Peets Hill in Bozeman, which is a desirable area. The condo at 610 Dell Place Unit 7 is listed at $400,000. If you want to live in the heart on Bozeman on a budget, this is a great option. It's 2 beds, 2 baths, and 960 sqft.

610 Dell Place Unit 7
Big Sky MLS / Listing Agent: Jamie Chu

On the west side of town near Bozeman Pond, there's a great option located at 3303 Fallon St Unit 3B. It's listed for $375,000 and has 3 beds, and 1.5 baths. You're still semi-close to the downtown area, and right next to the Gallatin Valley Mall.

3303 Fallon St Unit 3B
Big Sky MLS / Listing Agent: Toni Neal

To find additional listings in Bozeman and the surrounding area, click here.

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