Has Montana become such a mainstream spot that we no longer have hidden gems? This website says yes.

Montana used to be a place that flew under the radar for attractions, hidden gems, and unique small towns, but that's not the case anymore. You used to be able to come to Big Sky Country and enjoy the slower pace of life we live daily.

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Montana was a place where you could look around, appreciate the beauty, and realize how fortunate you were to be experiencing this state.

Over the past decade, Montana has seen its population grow, and many towns have become small cities. Places that used to be hidden gems are now well-known tourist destinations.

Photo by David Banning via Unsplash
Photo by David Banning via Unsplash

Montana still has some hidden gems and attractions that are still special, right?

According to these statistics, nope.

Use Bounce made a Hidden Gems Report regarding places, attractions, and states; Montana was nowhere to be found.

Photo by Thomas Bush IV via Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Bush IV via Unsplash

Places around Montana, like Wyoming and South Dakota, landed on the Top 10 list for having the most hidden gems.

What about hidden gem places or attractions? Montana wasn't in the conversation.

Is this the Yellowstone effect?

Is Montana so mainstream  for vacation spots or places to visit now instead of being underrated?

Photo by Tevin Trinh via Unsplash
Photo by Tevin Trinh via Unsplash

When you think about how many of Montana's most popular attractions have seen record visitation, like Big Sky Resort, Glacier National Park, and more, it makes sense why we wouldn't be a part of this list.

Montana still has a few hidden gems, but we should keep those places close to the vest and make it a local secret. Maybe we will make this list another year.

For more details, check out Use Bounce.

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