We need to help these animal populations get off the endangered species list so they can thrive once again.

Montana is home to many creatures. The ones that get the most press are deer, elk, bears, bison, and wolves, but many animals inhabit Big Sky Country.

Some might not look as cuddly as others, but we should appreciate them all.

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Even though many animals are thriving in Montana, some populations struggle due to several factors.

Photo by Becca via Unsplash
Photo by Becca via Unsplash

Everything from land development, disappearing lands, limited food, and more contribute to declining animal populations.

Years ago, Bald Eagles were on the verge of extinction with food sources being polluted and poisoned, and it took decades for them to rebound.

Photo by Richard Lee via Unsplash
Photo by Richard Lee via Unsplash

Montana is home to several threatened and endangered animal species, and if you want to know the difference, it's simple.

Threatened species are likely to become endangered in the future, and endangered species are one step closer to extinction.

Montana is home to six endangered species, and here's what they are.

  1. Black-footed ferret- The rarest mammal in North America. The population is around 300.
  2. Least Tern- Not endangered on the East or West Coast, this bird used to be often seen on river banks in Montana. Now, they are a rare sight in person.
  3. Northern Long-Eared Bat- This species was added in 2023, and the population has been decimated due to white noise pollution disturbing their hibernating. It causes a disease that kills the bats.
  4. Pallid Sturgeon- This species was fished to near extinction but has been slowly recovering over the past few decades.
  5. White Sturgeon- Another fish species impacted by dams and limited food sources, the White Sturgeon is still recovering.
  6. Whooping Crane- How close to extinction is the Whooping Crane? Their world population stands at 319. There are a few dozen of these birds in Montana.

Most folks don't realize what is happening with many of these animal species, but we care about our wildlife in Montana. These animals need a safe place to thrive just as much as we do.

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