Other than truck commercials, Montana has yet to become the star of many national TV commercials. However, there's a commercial for one of the biggest companies in America that features a well known Montana town. It took me a while to even notice that it took place in Montana at all.

The funniest part about this particular commercial, is that it's not only filmed mostly in MY town...but I used to live just a block away from the featured business. No wonder it eventually kicked in as familiar. How did I not notice the first 10 times I saw it?

The specific business in question is located in Bozeman, Montana. It's just a couple blocks north of Main Street on North 7th Avenue in a fairly plain, one story building with more parking lot than actual building. The commercial is more about a new, kitschy promotion the company is running than Bozeman itself, of course.

So what big company featured Bozeman in their latest winter-themed commercial? Domino's Pizza. That's right. Little 'ole Bozeman is the star of Domino's Pizza "Plowing For Pizza" campaign. (They might have other versions of the commercial running in other parts of the country, who knows.)

Domino’s is plowing unplowed roads across the country, because we believe that customers should always be able to get hot pizza. Nominate your town for plowing assistance at plowingforpizza.com.

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If you pay attention (which I obviously wasn't the first several times I saw it), you'll notice the Domino's Pizza building that is CERTAINLY in Bozeman, major streets in town getting plowed, and cars with 6 Montana license plates. Pretty sleuthy, eh? I felt as if I had solved some sort of true crime when I finally picked up on it.

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