If you don't drink alcohol, or just aren't drinking alcohol today, it can be frustrating finding delicious mocktails when you're out on the town. Sure, you can order just about any famous drink without the booze - but often the same attention to taste and appearance is not paid to those drinks without alcohol.

Photo by Heather Barnes on Unsplash
Photo by Heather Barnes on Unsplash

We asked Bozeman area locals where they found the best, most creative mocktails. There were a surprising number of people who responded online, on-air, and in person. (For some reason we thought it would be hard to find folks who didn't drink at all or who were often the designated driver of their group.)

THE BAY BAR & GRILLE (2825 West Main Street, Bozeman): Easy to find in the Gallatin Valley Mall at the Macy's entrance. The Bay has been a popular restaurant for many, many years and has evolved just like Bozeman. Their bar area is a great place to socialize or catch a game, and their bartenders will gladly concoct a delicious mocktail upon request.

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DEVIL'S TOBOGGAN (113 East Oak Street, Bozeman): Located in the Cannery District off of North Rouse. Priding themselves for "Handcrafted Cocktails for Civilized People", this funky and eclectic bar takes care of the non-drinkers too. One of our respondents said, "Devil’s Toboggan will make you a personalized one with flavors you love! Our server rocked it the other day!"

Devils Toboggan bartenders - Facebook
Devils Toboggan bartenders - Facebook

MONTANA ALE WORKS (611 East Main Street, Bozeman): Open everyday at 4pm. Is there a more 'Bozeman' place to hang, eat, and socialize? Fantastic food and atmosphere, along with a mission of being a good community partner. Although famous for Happy Hour everyday from 4pm to 6pm, Ale Works goes out of their way to cater to non-drinkers with their "Zero Proof" drink menu.


LOCKHORN CIDER HOUSE (21 South Wallace, Bozeman): This much-loved little joint in downtown Bozeman doesn't ignore those who are avoiding alcohol. One of our respondents said, "Lockhorn Cider House has a phenomenal non-alcoholic cider on tap!"

FEAST RAW BAR (270 West Kagy, Bozeman): Whether it's apps or a full dinner with the main course being seafood, Feast is a favorite among those who want a mocktail with their high-end meal. This place was mentioned often in our casual survey of non-drinkers. PRO TIP: Happy Hour is worth it if you can make it!

Honorable mentions go to Brigade in downtown Bozeman and the Rib & Chop House.

BONUS TIP: If you want to make your own mocktails at home, Belgrade Liquor was mentioned several times for having a good selection of ingredients that you can buy - and they add more all the time. Other liquor stores have sections dedicated to the art of the mocktail and can even help with new recipes.


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