I love a good movie. Whether it is an older movie, a newer movie, or a movies that was recommended to me, I love just relaxing under a blanket with my dog just chillin.

I will admit that I have seen a lot of movies. I haven't had cable in over 18 years which means that I have solely relied on streaming services like Netflix to busy my brain. I recently watched, "The Accountant" on Netflix, and I will say it was incredible. Twists and turns throughout the entire movie until the very end.

I have even resorted to watching a ton of movies that are in a foreign language and have English dubbed in. It doesn't really bother me at all, the first one was a bit odd but now I rarely notice if the mouth doesn't completely match the words.

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I have kind of come to a roadblock on what movies to watch, as I have already seen so many. So I turned to the experts to find out what are some 'go to' movies that they never get sick of.

There were quite a few I had seen and totally agree that they are awesome.


But what movies do Montanan's swear by? Here are their absolute number one movies that they never get sick of, they could watch over and over again.

'Top 6 Movies Montanan's Could Watch Over And Over, And Not Get Sick Of':

  • Dirty Dancing
  • Pretty Woman
  • Man from Snowy River
  • Top Gun
  • 8 Seconds
  • Forrest Gump

I have seen all but one of the these must-see movies, Man from Snowy River. But to be completely honest, I think I have actually seen the movie, it has just been years and I am having trouble recalling it.

Have movies you want to add to the watch list? Send us a message on our app chat.

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