For those old enough to remember, there was a time in Montana when you could darn near go as fast as you wanted.

Of course, that all changed a couple of decades ago, and even though Montana is one of a handful of states with an 80 mph speed limit on interstates, there are still those who like to push the limit.

For most of us, we've all had the experience of cruising down a Montana highway and passing an officer of the law. Of course, you get that nervous feeling, looking in your rearview mirror to see if those red and blue lights start flashing, and when they do, that's when you get the pit in the bottom of your stomach.

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There are all kinds of theories about cars and speeding tickets. Some will say if you drive a red vehicle, you're more likely to get a ticket. But what about vehicle models? Are there certain brands that get pulled over more than others?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

According to an insurance website, the answer to that question is yes. The folks at Insurify have come out with a list of the most ticketed vehicles across the United States.

Which 5 Vehicle Brands Receive the Most Tickets In Montana?

According to the website, the following 5 vehicle brands are the most ticketed.

  • Infiniti
  • Scion
  • Volkswagon
  • Subaru
  • Mazda

I doubt it will surprise anyone that Subaru made the list. While not the most popular vehicle in Montana, many locals swear by their Subaru's and you will see them all over the state. Although none of the brands are known as "speedy", apparently that's not a factor. What is interesting however is that all 5 of the Top 5 are non-american brands.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Do you own one of the vehicle brands that made the list, and if so, have you ever received a speeding ticket while driving the vehicle? Let us know by sending us a message on our radio station app.

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