I was recently hanging out with some co-workers and the subject turned to haunted buildings around Montana. Stories and tales were swapped, and I thought, "Why are people so obsessed with this?" While I believe in ghosts, I'm not one to disturb them or hang out where they don't want me to be.

Montana is no stranger to haunted buildings. Several buildings, homes, and sites have been rumored to be haunted across the state, and some of the stories that go along with them are more than frightening.

Once again, haunted places aren't my thing (I don't even like scary movies) but for those who enjoy that sort of thing, one iconic Montana building is rumored to be the most haunted in the state.

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Before we reveal which location is considered the most haunted, here's a look at the most "Montana" towns in Montana, which just so happened to include a few haunted locations.

The Most "Montana" Towns In Montana

If you're looking for the best that Montana has to offer, you might want to start by asking a local and that is exactly what we did. We wanted to know which Montana towns were the most "Montana" and who better to ask than the folks who were born and raised in The Treasure State?

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Which Montana building is considered the most haunted in the state?

Go Social took a tour across the country to find the most haunted places and when it comes to The Treasure State, one iconic location stood out above the rest.

Located in Fort Benton, the Grand Union Hotel is a wonderful throwback to years gone by. The hotel, which has been restored was built in 1882 and according to Go Social has a history of things that are hard to explain. Some of the things people have seen or heard include an orbe of light as well as the sound of a horse stomping on the stairs rumored to be where a cowboy was once killed.

Credit: Grand Union Hotel
Credit: Grand Union Hotel

It would make sense that a building almost 150 years old might have a story or two. We all know that Montana used to be a frontier country and many laws weren't enforced back in those days, however, in 2024, the Grand Union Hotel is a nice place to stay and is perfect for those looking for a relaxing getaway.

Plus, they have amazing food and Fort Benton was named the most romantic location in Montana so it's worth the trip, even if you have a guest or two that you can't see.

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