We live in Montana. This means there are lots of possibilities for you to have some sort of animal enter your home or your vehicle at some point. If you live more rurally, bears and bobcats have more of a presence. Don't get me wrong, we do often hear about bears in town as well.

Now, I live in town in an apartment and haven't had a lot of bear presence thank god. But what I do see a lot of is magpies and pigeons. I can hear them both either singing or cooing anytime my window are open. Considering it's about that time to start some spring cleaning, here are some tips to keep in mind.

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If you are cleaning your windows and doors and you happen to have one of these birds fly into your house, there are some actions you can do to hopefully set them free easier.


First off, don't freak out. This means no screaming and no running around with a broom (or whatever stick like thing you grab). The bird is already scared, the last thing they need is you running around like you are on fire to scare them even more.

Open up your doors and windows and hopefully they will find their way out on their own.


IF this doesn't work, wait until they go into a smaller area, perhaps a bedroom, bathroom, pantry, etc and toss a towel over them. This will help them calm down and they will not be able to fly all over the house again.


The hardest part now, will be working up the nerve to grab the towel with the bird in it and not freak out. I would personally struggle with this. Once you get calm, take the towel outside, just open it up and let the feathered friend free.

Good luck and hopefully you never have to deal with this...ever.

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