Montana continues to be a hot spot for A-List celebrities' to flock to for hunting, skiing, and performing. They apparently love the idea of living "remotely", which I suppose if you are used to the hustle and bustle of a big city, Montana in general is going to feel pretty "off the grid".

A recent report from Stacker took into account the entire state and came up with what is apparently the "best county to live in".

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The outcome isn't really that surprising if you ask me, but some may disagree.

The winner is...Gallatin County.

- Population: 116,725

- Median home value: $435,400 (62% own)

- Median rent: $1,212 (38% rent)

- Median household income: $76,208


The population of Gallatin County is actually closer to 127,000 according to World Population Review, 2023. The median age for men is 33 and for women is 34. As far as the home value and rent medians, I am not sure where they collected their data. To even find a studio under $1400 is near impossible. So to have lower rents to offset the high rents to find a "median rent" seems a bit odd.


Stacker described Gallatin County as:

...having some unusual and exciting attractions. The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, right outside Yellowstone National Park, offers an experience of the world of grizzly bears and gray wolves. The Museum of the Rockies has a collection of dinosaur bones, and the American Computer and Robotics Museum has exhibits spanning 4,000 years. -Stacker

Unusual? Not to anyone who knows the area. These are all things one can expect when in Montana in general. Perhaps unusual to a city slicker, but not to us living here.

Maybe this is just another ploy to get people to move here. Newsflash, you will be in for a shock if you think you are getting an apartment or a home for the prices Stacker listed.

cc: Stacker, World Population Review

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