It's spring break season in Montana and across the country. It seems like Florida is getting more attention this year than it has in a while, maybe because of stories saying that Miami is dissuading spring breakers from visiting or tips on where locals can go to avoid the crowds.

But spring break sort of kicks off vacation season for some people. During most years, Montana has been buried in snow and brutal cold by this time of the year and when spring break rolls around, Montanans are ready to head somewhere with warm weather.

Now, thanks to Google, we have an idea of where Montanans want to go.

Montana's Top Vacation Destination According to Google

The travel website reviewed search data for all 50 states to see where people like or want to travel. According to them, Montanans want to visit:

Las Vegas

But I'm not sure I believe the data. Montanans may spend the most time searching Las Vegas, but I think the place that Montanans like to vacation most is:


Florida is the place where people on the east coast go, and Hawaii is the place where people on the west cost go--it's just proximity. But if you talk to Montanans about Hawaii you'll meet some that love Hawaii. Like the Montanan who owns this license plate:

2BNMAUI Montana license plate
Ashley, Townsquare Media

This Montanan shared with me that two of their previous license plates hung in the iconic Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant in Lahaina, Maui, until it burned down in August 2023.

License Plates wall at Cheesburger in Paradise, Maui
Ashley, Townsquare Media

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License Plates at Cheeseburger in Paradise
Ashley, Townsquare Media

The connection to Hawaii for this Montana family was personal. But it's not just vacations. Recently, the Missoula Incident Management Team returned from assisting with recovery efforts in Hawaii. In that way, it's almost like the Montana community is linked to the Hawaii community.

Which destination would you prefer if you were planning a vacation?

For what it's worth, Hawaii was ranked as the #2 choice overall, and our neighbors are more adventurous in their vacation preferences. Wyoming residents searched France the most, Idaho searched Scotland, and even Utah searched the Caribbean.

The Best Places Where Montanans Have Lived

Of course, Montanans love our state and many will always call it home, but here is an idea of the other places all over the world where Montanans have enjoyed living.

Gallery Credit: Ashley