The time between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day is the most popular time for people to pop the "big question" and get engaged to be married. We kicked off 2024 with a big event, Missoula's Annual Wedding Fair. While we were there we were able to speak to many vendors that are in the wedding industry and they are expecting this year to be a big one for weddings.

The Montana Average Age for Marriage is Higher than our Neighbors

When I got married, I thought I was pretty late to the game. Come to find out I was right around the average age for men to get married for the first time in Montana. According to Overflow Data the average age for both men and women when they first get married in Montana is older than the ages of our neighboring states. Men wait a bit longer than women to get married.

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Wyoming Has the Youngest Average Age of Married People Among Our Neighbors

The average age for men who get married in Montana is 29.8 years old, and the average age for women who get married in Montana is 27.9 years old. Both are older than the average ages of people getting married in Idaho, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota.

  • Idaho average ages: Men 27.2 years old. Women 25.7 years old.
  • Wyoming average ages: Men, 27.0 years old. Women 25.6 years old.
  • North Dakota average ages: Men, 28.1 years old. Women 26.1 years old.
  • South Dakota average ages: 28.4 years old. Women 26.8 years old.

Montana's Engagement Season May Be Ending, But Wedding Season is Coming

With Valentine's Day coming up, that may mark the end of engagement season for some. Shortly after that we will begin the wedding season in Montana. It looks like 2024 is going to be a big year for a lot of people's "big day".

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