New Scams at the Pump - Be on the Alert Montana

Another day, another scam.  Or so it seems.  For as much effort as criminals put into a mastermind plan of fleecing someone, you have to wonder what runs through their respective heads when doing so.  And what those consequences could be should they get caught.


This time criminals are targeting people doing one of the most mundane things in any given day.  Filling up with gas at our local gas station.

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Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Ever Vigilant

This new scam is a crazy one, and one that could have dire consequences for those that attempt it.  It is also preying on those that are good natured folks, or perhaps someone who might struggle with being able to pump their own gas.  Have you ever been approached in this manner at a gas station?

The setup is pretty simple.  You are pumping your gas; a person approaches you and offers to help filling your tank for you or offers to finish filling up your vehicle while you head inside the store.  The criminal then takes the nozzle to their vehicle and will proceed to fill theirs's on your credit card.  Suddenly your $50 tank of gas cost you $100!

Steps To Take to Be More Alert and How to Avoid This Problem

As this problem makes its way across the states, had some great tips on how to avoid becoming a victim to these fraudsters.

  • Stay alert while you are out of your vehicle.  You may tend to let your mind wander while waiting for the pump to finish.  Try to avoid interactions with someone who obviously does not work for the filling station.  Politely decline their offer.
  • Always collect your receipt.  Finish your transaction with the pump, and make sure it is closed out before re-entering your vehicle and leaving the pump.
  • Alert the staff of the business or call the police.  Avoid an altercation by calling for help.  Police also recommend that if this scenario does occur, report and wait in a safe area near the station to await the police.

Have you experienced this scam at our local gas stations in Great Falls or in Montana as you travel?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, through the appchat feature or you can email us here.  Be safe everyone!

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