New Phone Scam Alert in Montana Targets Me This Time

While I haven't any real scientific data back my theory, I am decently positive that there is something in the water.  Or chemicals in the airplane exhaust.  Maybe it is global warming.  No matter, some people are being affected by whatever is out there.

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It seems that those maladies are transforming themselves into a gaggle of hackers bound and determined to gain access to my banking or personal data.  They can't be very smart, because I know exactly how much money I really don't have in my account!

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Do Hackers and Criminals Really Think We Are That Dumb in Montana?

This past weekend, I was the target, as I am sure there were many others out there that were also, of a phone text scam.  No, I didn't click on anything, so my unflattering bank account info isn't out on the world wide web.  But they are persistent.


After receiving the above texts over the weekend, I knew I wouldn't be the only one looking at them.  Did you receive something like them on your phone over the weekend?

Scams Aren't New, Just The Way They Attack Us in Montana Is

These scams are everywhere.  Whether it relates to a missed jury duty, outdated warrants or even a trick about your bank, they are out there.  Don't fall for them!  If it isn't a familiar number, more than likely it is a scam.

Have you been caught in an internet scam?  Tell us about it here.

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