Scammers are always inventing new scams to trick you.  Long gone are the days of Nigerian Princes sending you emails trying to convince you that they want to give you millions. Now the scammers just call you out of the blue.

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Anymore it seems that if I get a phone call from a number I don't recognize or have entered into my contacts list, it's a scam.  It could be anything from the "IRS" trying to contact me, to someone wanting to talk about the extended warranty on my car.


Keep scrolling to see the 5 area codes all Montanans should ignore 👇

Most people just don't answer calls anymore if it's from a unknown number, but there are plenty of people who do or scammers wouldn't keep trying. For every 1,000 people they call, if 1 person gets scammed it's worth it in the end.

According to this Social Catfish article there are 5 area codes residents of Montana should avoid at all costs.

Crazy thing is the scammers probably aren't even calling from the area codes that come up, as they utilize something called "spoofing." It basically lets them alter the caller ID to one that seems more legit. It's a shame those caller IDs don't come up like this.


What should you do if you see a call from one of these area codes? Once again according to Social Catfish:

You can add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry, which is managed by the FTC. This registry is designed to help reduce unwanted telemarketing calls. You can also install call-blocking software on your phone or contact your phone carrier to see if they offer this service. These tools can help you block unwanted calls from scammers.

-Social Catfish

While nothing is 100% fail proof, you can protect yourself by staying vigilant. Check out the area codes to avoid below and then keep reading on how to protect yourself from other scams.

Montana When You See These 5 Area Codes, Don’t Answer

If you get a phone call from one of these 5 Area Codes DO NOT ANSWER. Thanks to for providing us with the information.

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