12 Fascinating Towns In Montana You Should Visit This Year

It's no secret that Montana has plenty of charming towns all over the state that only locals know about.

With it being a new year, we thought we'd put a spotlight on 12 towns that you should pay a visit to in 2024.

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We went with 12 towns for the fact that you could make plans to visit one of these town for each month of the year.

These towns would make for a great weekend getaway and allow you to not only experience all the Montana has to offer, but also perhaps find your own hidden gems along the way.

We've got a good mix of town sizes as well, from a town with a population of just 77, to a town with over 60,000.

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One Neat Town For Each Month Of The Year

The website Only In Your State which is a great resource with lots of information about Montana is where we got our list from.

We agree these are great towns, but in case you live in these towns or have traveled to them before, we've got a few extra additions that we think are worth your time to visit.

Fort Benton is one of the oldest town in Montana, and is home to one of the oldest hotels in the state.

Conrad is also a fun small town that is home to Whoop-Up Days in the summer.

But for now, check out the 12 towns, one for each month of the year, that you can visit in 2024.

12 Wonderful Montana Towns To Visit This Year

Only In Your State listed the following 12 Montana towns that you can plan to visit in 2024, one for each month of the year.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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