If you are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime hunt in Montana, you better hurry!. The deadline for 2024 special deer and elk permits is April 1st. YEAH, we know it is traditionally April Fools Day. But, this is no joke. If you want a chance at getting a permit for a giant buck or bull, you need to get your application in NOW!

How does the Montana special permit drawing work?

Every year, sportsmen and women can apply for a special permit drawing. These drawings are typically for coveted areas of the state that produce trophy animals. The applicant can choose three different hunting areas in the drawing. If your first choice does not win, your name goes back in the drawing for your second choice, then your third. If you are unsuccessful in drawing a permit, you can earn a bonus point towards next year's drawing.

What is an FWP special permit bonus point?

According to a recent report from Andrew Curtis of MTN. Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Licensing Bureau Chief Emily Cooper told MTN

When you purchase bonus points, it gives you additional entries into the drawing that allows you to have a greater chance of drawing a special permit license in the drawing. It is a random selection lottery, so there is a random selection drawing, so there is a chance that somebody who has no bonus points is going to draw

If you applied for the 2024 Montana hunting season, the results will be posted in the next few weeks. You can look up your results here.

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