Each day we all achieve some little victories. It might be a big sale, a cake that tastes better than expected, or meeting that special someone. Whatever our age, small rewards always seem to be included as part of life’s special package. When we share our life experiences with others its surprising how many of us share similar feelings and experiences. Here are some things you might have in common with friends, relatives and neighbors.

The School Science Fair

Do schools still do science fairs? If not today’s kids are missing out. Imagine hopping in the old jalopy and heading downtown to get the colored construction paper, Elmer’s glue, glitter, sharpie pens, and staples that would all be combined to illustrate the intricacies of the digestive system.

Someone would always do a solar system, a volcano, growing something, what submerging a nail in a glass of Coke would do to it. And there was always that one that you just know the parents did because it was just a little bit too good. And there was always the one that didn’t work. That stressful moment when the switch was pulled, the crowd moved closer in anticipation, and nothing happened other than a few tears welling up in the eyes of a ten year old. Thirty years from now he or she will probably have more money than God.

Everyone Has a Junk Drawer

There is a drawer in every home that eats things. Looking in mine there are old rubber bands, a cell phone charger, nail clippers, a broken watchband, a few batteries of various sizes, various screws and nails, plastic bags full of various washers, some broken birthday candles, tape measures, measuring spoons, roll of picture hanging wire, some twist ties, and maybe a buck’s worth of change.

When ever we’re not quite sure where something goes we throw it in the junk drawer to deal with later. Only problem is, later never comes. It continues to reside there like an old folk’s home for stuff.


Something wakes you up. You roll over to look at the clock and there it is — the time says 12:34. Most of us have experienced this twice-daily phenomenon but we tend to spend just a little more time savoring that particular point in time.

Another time that gives us pause is 11:11. Not quite the impact of the ordered numbers but another unusual time.

Some Final Thoughts

Looking back over the years there are many little memories that keep bring a smile to our faces. I never know what triggers these or me. A smell, a taste, a word or phrase, or a song take me on a trip with no baggage as my wife is quick to point out when I’m daydreaming about something.

The next time you’re wondering why you can’t concentrate it just might be that your mind thinks you need a little break and a smile. Life is short; work later.

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