Have you ever went to a store and tried to get them to put money back ON your card.I was at a Big Box over the weekend and they messed up the Debit Card Purchase.

They tried time and time again to credit back different portions, because some of  it rang up alright.

So I said can't you just credit it back and we can start over?

Sure said the cashier. So without missing a beat she zapped everything and zeroed it out and started again. When she was done we checked out and headed home.

Well on our online statement the next day it showed both charges from the store But no credit.

Phone call to the 800 number. Oh yes sir that will take 3-5 business days to go back into your account.


You take it twice in seconds, but can't give it back.....NOPE, says the person.

WOW, I wonder what the did with MY money those 3-5 days.

Interest Free.

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